Month: April 2018

Hey, You.

Can I ask you?

Do me one solid.

We’ve met now.

Our eyes have realized

the skipping stone

and smooth

lake-at- night quality

of one another’s.

You know I DIG you AF!

So please

if you don’t mind…

Don’t ever fucking change,

Especially for me.

Hell, unless its your own


Don’t apologize or change yourself,

for anyone.

Because you are incredible.


For the record:

That’s the person I’m loving right now.

You needn’t bother.

Don’t apologize for your kisses;

They’re perfect.

Don’t apologize for the way you dance,

the way you fuck, the

way you laugh, nothing.

Because every day is an intoxicating display

Of this single person you are

And I wouldn’t be smiling

Ear to ear

If you weren’t you

So please

Just keep that shit going

Because I love it

And you damned well deserve

To be

This amazing person,

And to be

Appreciated by another.

Just do us both a favor.

Stop apologizing for

Being fucking amazing.


Old Stuff Made Now

Discovered: An Eleven Year Old Poem
(well, March 27th, so, eleven year and three days)

Original Title: “to just relax and write”

To celebrate birthdays daily –
And new year’s monthly

To live the days being
Told and reminded that
It’s Monday or Friday,
Until finally and fully
Each and every day is
Appreciated for being
The living poetry

It’s supposed to be

It’s meant to be
A handful of snapshots
And some sweet spots
That could only be
Recalled, never captured

The touches of memory
and frost are cousins
The cost of love
And then
The dividend;
To celebrate
Even it’s loss

The final crossing
From love
To longing
To grasping
To dying and reawakening

Celebrate it all.