Month: March 2018

Not Empty Anymore

I am not like you.

I am not empty.

I am not quiet.

I was once.

But I am not like you.


And I won’t be made to go back.


Into the cave.

Into the lonely.

Into the numb.

Just because

You aren’t done

Being there.

Drowning there,

Sitting in your shit there.

I won’t go back.


And You can’t make me.


You can’t fucking make me.

I’m not empty anymore.


I’m not like you.


Hey, You!

Hey you!

Staring at the screen!

Get out and scream!

Move a little!

Make yourself

So fucking tired

You should puke but

Keep dancing anyway!

Hey You! Yeah, You!

Be cacophony!


Or shut right the fuck up and

Get the Hell out of my way!