Month: November 2014

You Were Coming From Jack

Football and English Majoring
aren’t so different.

Writing and sport at
the heart are about the kill.
The final paragraph
is a touchdown.

The spring training
like early term work,
and the drills are exams,
practice, rough draft
and research, the study
of other games, kept in

and then Victory,
followed by celebration,
followed by more hard work.

I can see where you
were coming from, Jack,
and I can see why you left.


The Day After the Verdict: Is This a Joke?

my name is elizabeth

Like many others, I have been asking this question for months.

First, back in August, when news outlets reported that Bob McCulloch, the prosecutor for St. Louis County, had a long history of siding with the police; that his father, a St. Louis cop, was killed on the job by a black man; that his brother, uncle, and cousin were cops as well; that his mother had worked as a clerk in police headquarters; that he himself had wanted to be a cop until one of his legs was amputated in high school.  His office would be responsible for presenting the case of Darren Wilson, a Ferguson cop who shot and killed Michael Brown, before a grand jury.

Is this a joke?

And then when McCulloch said he would let the jury of 12 civilians figure out what charge to bring, if any, instead of making a case for a specific…

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Kitty Chaos

There is a Black long haired cat.
Its name is chaos,

and it lives in my neighborhood,
and it meows back at me,
and I meow again and,

yesterday I imagined it was some historical
woman’s soul trapped and trying to
hide out from other soul-cats who wanted her.

Maybe it was Mary Queen of Scots.
Maybe Elizabeth is the orange tabby that hisses at her.

Histories jealousies and betrayals,
being re-enacted by neighborhood cats.
It would be perfect for the stage.

Andrew Lloyd Webber could compose.

New Horror Novel Out: The Dweller

My good friend’s novel. If you like great writing, check it out. If you don’t, who the hell are you and how did you get in here !


I have a new horror novel out now on Amazon that delves into my musings on perception, dreams and the spirit world—and just in time for the holidays! You should definitely check it out!

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