Month: October 2014

Toronto Star Loses Its Religion For Jian Ghomeshi

Political Control Of Canadian Press

Most Canadian news is owned or run by Conservative party figures. There is hardly a shred of independence from the current government remaining. The Postmedia and former Canwest publications were purchased by a group under CEO Paul Godfrey. Mr. Godfrey led the National Post, that was started by a handful of fellows from the Fraser Institute and he is well known as a Tory politician.

The Quebecor chain purchased the Sun Media chain most recently. Previous Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney sits on the Quebecor board of directors.

Sun News is different from Sun Media, that was also restructured. The Sun News Network was absorbed by subsidiaries of Quebecor and its operations are run by Kory Teneycke, who is better known as the former director of communications for the current Conservative Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

The CBC is a Canadian public treasure, but it was also realigned with and by the current government. Prime Minister Stephen Harper appointed ten of twelve board members as Conservative party donors.

That left us with the Toronto Star as one of few remaining independents, but they were forced to partner with the Globe and Mail to cut costs on distribution in 2012. The latter is predominantly owned by Bell, or rather BCE. The Globe and Mail was hit with additional controversy when Jesse Brown reported impropriety that led to the paper endorsing Conservatives.

Then the Globe faced controversy over its decision to run branded content, or what is more commonly referred to as an “advertorial”. This means a corporation or government can pay a reporter for positive coverage, that is written to appear like a news article but it’s really an advertisement undercover. This behaviour is opposite to the duty of a fourth estate, to hold its government account

This, and That Season

(and that)

I can hear winter getting ready to yell
into our faces, it powders and breaks
out in patches on car windows,

in splotches of fractal, untamed mandalas.
I can feel it coming to get me and
throw a snowball of ice into my brittle

and redder than usual face. To add soft
temporary white freckles to my burgundy
and hazel ones, to my orange ones. I can

see the dogs getting shaggier and their eyes
cooling, over-running then stopping for owner.
In the orchestral march of the stripped branches,

curling around the street like hands to a mouth,
about to devour the whole street, into the blinding
stomach of another dead, long and bitter winter.

She builds her army of men, fat but wiry, as
those in kitchen work lean into the stove now,
and the butchers add a layer, and grandmothers
stay home and do bingo on the radio, never winning.

I can feel it in my feet, too. Like a crypt-escaped
skeleton, I curl up when stationary without even
realizing I am doing it, I have no fascination with it,
I just watch it come in the morning, and after the sun,

It is killing me, this season.
The season, and All That.

autocrat rohtslov

ugly and sin worthy

i lay whats left of me

to the mime

and it sighs


back to me

i scrye

i shadow

and get jealous

we creep together in the sharp

edge of lies

we creep into the hope we might conjecture the obvious

cream above our diet

get ugly

get ugly with me

and stare into it with me

for i am but, the simplest child, of all your easy,
orphan thoughts 

i am clasping at it, 


let me lay flesh and the ink that continues as a result let it be as easy a stroke of the name of mine as it possibly can, be


let me break it to you easy


we wasted our time making anothers rhyme

make me yours

and lets creep up together on it

lets swim out

easier, and

betray ours

it will mean

what it will mean

meaningful or


cry and wave with it

we are all

the wave

its intricate part its crescent

its crash