Month: August 2014


all us hurting things
will stand up

all at once
and laugh ourselves
into infamy

that stings like
frayed strings

until someone
changes them
and,  no one looking, 

the gift shop gets
robbed blind, 
as the house band

is forcefully
to accompany 

one thousand
year old rituals
for the sake

of function
and the sting

the sting, 
the sting, 
that hurting thing

continuing to sting

and outside
the front door

daylight broods a broadsword
we bring

we bring
we bring ourselves back indoors,

because the jokes on them out there,
thinking it’s their job to
waste away

into nothing but pleasure.
Because we know better.

exceptional mediocrity

shine in the dark
purity you can only give up,  away,  or

random, unexpected smiles
and shared, last smokes

a waltz with a stranger
a hat lost by a kiss

a falling down freely, 
an open defiance of mediocrity

begins with bliss
ending likewise

with it.


it was another wild week
the irish brothers made a girl cry
after which she went on an anti jew tirade
and we told her to leave
i laughed and thought of you
how clever life is
when it creeps
and crawls
and slithers
and calls out
out with the peoples real desire
to hate as freely as nobody can love
we did it all on the street
we danced in a dozen bars
and laid on patches of clean grass
and told each other everything
and made a spectacle of the spectacle
and when it ended
it was well past dawn
because thats the way we do it
down here in st. johns