Just So We Are Clear

Just to
clarify, just to let you know,
why I am leaving
this dirty,
shit job.
It is because, last night,
between me and the other guy,
we decided
that life was going to be
so much,
just so god damn easy,
without you.

You easy reach, you
shotty, slurred speech

know this
it began last night on george street, and
it started with me,
and free.

the other man ran into me
it was his false luck

we went
to a small, but cramped club,
and then, between cigerettes and the fact me and
the other guy promised to quit, this shit quick
all the while knowing,
he wont have the balls yet…

We end up at a restaurant,
and I slowly, but
quickly, and intentionally
insert my de-shoed
foot into this thing,
this beautiful,
it is
my night,
it is the courage to
keep fucking
it is
an unholy urge, to dispel with
the cheap rumours and myths.

It is her laugh,
when the food arrives,
and the other two men
at the table,
have no idea
how much
I have now;

it is meta
it is fucking
and you, you
have nothing on me God.

I have had the pleasure of yours.


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