Must Be Nice


I Don’t Understand This,
you say, you’ve had enough?
Of the stuff?

I’ve never heard of this “too much”.
It sounds pretty fucked.
Like, why would you be at in the
first place if you could’ve said no to start?

Like, how you gonna shit on addicts
when you can’t experience that your
self. Like, how many rejects you

think it takes, to get a Hunter Thompson
or an Irvine Welsh?

It takes millions to produce nation
and one mutant to tell them all
“Go to Fuck”

It’s like a feeling of satisfaction
you say, and I would love
to empathize
but I’ve done, would do
anything in a bag
any size
any way any time
when I was laid back
in the dark of that shine.
That “Mine.Mine.Mine.”

What the FUCK is enough?
Never had it,
Not one time.

But you enjoy the comfort,
That shit sounds divine.



  1. Very powerful Very raw and very real. I loved your words. >> Swear words play a distinct role in communication. but if they don’t add, they serve to distract. the emotion was on full display without the f-bomb. works in literature, can halt a rhythmic, poem in its tracks. not a criticism. Poetry is very close to the writer and the words you choose are the words you choose. just my opinion. However, ‘Must Be Nice’ overcame said distraction brilliantly. Thanks for sharing. .


  2. This is an anthem. Like Trainspotting and Fear and Loathing, you’ve seriously created an anthem. You know how I know? I’m taking it as one. This is seriously my favorite of yours.




    Until we’ve had enough.
    (So keep ’em coming and I’ll keep
    coming around.)


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