The Rest & The Peace

On my tombstone
there will not be
a history
of my online debates
or a recent perusal
of my playlist or
the movie’s I was obsessed
with and there will not be room

for all the books I loved and that
is because I want my stone to
have a list of about a dozen
people I loved, trusted and learned
from in this life.

There will be some left out,
because I plan on going out poor
unless published, the stone will be
thin I imagine but my point is

treat your life like it’s going to
have about a stones worth
of space to fit in the immense
amount of booze you drank

or the many many lays you were
a part of or the jobs and roles and
dignify your every moment with
something, somehow,
more sacred than a
all the times you beat or
were beaten in a video game.

Or how quickly you got the new ifucktoy
in contrast with the other kids
or the salad you made from

the self garden you cooked from the
more the more ethical choice
in your yearly struggle to out-hippie
the last ones on the street.

Give it the chance to be a list of love.
Or fuck it, don’t.

I could really care
but that would take effort,
and like most,
I save it for the few
who ill take a piece
or two or will take a
piece of me when they
too leave this digital,
fleshy, omniverse.

To be honest somewhere between
year 8 of the 9/11 discoveries and
analysts disputed claims and aliens
on the history channel and reality tv,
I just decided to say fuck it,
and accept one very important thing.

Nothing is True anymore, if it ever was,
except love. Use it or lose. Abuse it or screw
it to the wall like another bragging right.

It’s there to help or haunt.

And yet no amount of it is going ot do any good
if its wasted on shit that goes nowhere.

So keep your list short.
And keep those folks close.

And you might just get lucky,
And round out with a full dozen.



  1. Good one, mate. The real people are the level-headed, caring for their loved ones, keeping an eye out for the struggling ones. Not wanting the earth – like those prostrating to stuff and stuff and more stuff as though this proves one’s worth. We can’t take it with us when we go. It ends in dust. And we are all just flesh and bone. We feel pain. So your lines here, rhymed with one or two thoughts of mine.You said:

    “Nothing is True anymore, if it ever was,
    except love. Use it or lose. Abuse it or screw…”

    I believe in Truth and its connection with Love. Although we can doubt ‘truths’ – and by that question ‘what is value’ of the ‘stuff’ that’s going on around us. I believe people can be waylaid, misled and thereby not see through it all. But that doesn’t mean ‘the truth’ is not there, right? And you’re right about Love: (if found) we mustn’t lose it, abuse it, screw about with it – perhaps not even to ‘use’ it. I’m beginning to feel we’ve got to first strive towards it, to ‘get to know’ in order to first truly understand it. Is ‘truth’ or ‘love’ noble values? We have our whole life to test out all our theories until the life-test is over.

    I tried to write something on Love, based on a group of people chatting about it. That series begins here (14 poems in total I think. Follow links from there):

    If you’re able or interested, I’d be keen to hear your thoughts. But no problems either way. Keep writing 🙂


    1. I will surely take the time !
      I just finished another semester so I can actually say that now haha.

      Yes, I think people are often waylaid. It’s a;most become the touchstone of storytelling- the waylaid traveller, lover, thinker, artist, et al.

      So much to think, so much to read, so much to write!

      Thanks !


      1. Thanks for taking the time 🙂 But a word of advice: DON’T feel obliged to comment. DO comment only when a meaningful (to you) thought instinctively comes to mind. (I don’t want to trouble you – as 14 poems is a bit of an ask on hindsight.)



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