What it Took (or, You Think This World Is Nice?)

Some people are going to talk shit.
You will find them in those shit jobs just above

your shittier job and it will mean everything to them.
They will hover over you like a fucking animal.

But it won’t matter you will be young you
will simply bear the bother and the dirt.
Don’t believe in the self help guru though;

you are better than them,
and even if you aren’t yet,

you will, you will be.
You will have to be.

They will insist you are crazy.
They will ostracise you.

It will feel like Dylan but real and yours,
so worse- which will be better in the end.

It will all be part of it.
Part of what it took to build
yourself a life raft and
a fucking tank.

What it took to get out of
whatever it was forcing you
to fight your drunk kickboxing

and the time will empty one hundred
more bottles and baggies until,
with no more Grendel
to slay and no more dj to play, retires.

I will still be there then my friend,
Like I was through all that other shit,
much of which I caused, but there because
family is the clay of time, and who better to
die with than your equally deranged kind?

Now fuck off and go write something.
(aka, you think this world is nice?)



    1. hahahahaha!
      I thought you’d enjoy this one.
      I doubt its getting pressed, but who cares.
      This is what came out today during happy hour.
      Which is surprisingly MUCH less exciting than the booze-induced kind.

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