Soul's Hand

If you want you can have it but it gets hazy mid-way thru.

My behaviour is unfit for anyone expecting to run for office.

My social-carbon-retro-hetero record is marred.

Now I’ll never be married.

I just May have invited a new style,

but you’ll be damned if

you’ll get

your hands on it.

You can’t get in here without a pass.

The pathology needs one part meltdown,

a sliver of suicide tendinitis,

(acts up)

on you when you practice the art of

dancing without the crowd,

within them, around them, then thru.

All you want is them and all they want is you,

you and you

don’t seem to pay any more attention

and more; no more.

I picked up a few ya basta’s.

A few tickets got pirated and ticket masters

rightly shaven left from the Right

downloaded, at the right

time, uploaded in the right hand.

All you…

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