Our Affair

I have begun to refer to that period as

The Experience.

As though some distant civilization

arrived and occupied the

Neighborhoods and alleys

of my Self.

Took over the garages with massive parties that

bled into the basement.


And got ugly.

And did shit.

And changed.

And cleaned up.


And fell down laughing, and

high again.

And wrote on walls.


But only in chalk,

so as not to be too



(But the chalk wounded the

brick just with patient abuse).


And they let out the patients in my madhouse, let

out the criminal and the thief and the mini-Con.


The soft junk.

The spiral.


The empty rooms turned

into impossible choreographed numbers

that can never be quite replicated.


Short story notes

in frost of window

the only thing left is

some kind of crude arrow.


The lyrics persist in the wind

The night of your birth and mine.

In a sub-state nobody will see

for another hundred years.




  1. and it isn’t what we thought it would be, it was more, and less. And no one to share it with, except repeating, replaying, rehashing it, on the gerbil wheel of the mind, until it is put into words, put to the page, out there, absolving. The worst greatest time…and yet, having moved beyond, having learned something, we have to give credit to experience, if only because it lifts the blanket off the rest of the aching world, let’s you see those who are pondering similar fates, makes you nod in understanding, hold back judgement from those in the throes, and gives a tiny bit of credibility to our goal to live in the moment, the moments, of our chosen lives…

    This is a question asked by a rich man in the bible,”WHAT HE CAN DO TO INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD”.Nowadays people don’t care about this kingdom again they are busy thinking about material things{ie things of this world}forgeting totally anything about the real kingdom, which is our last home.
    Why is all this happening in this generation?Is this a sign of end time? “NO” i don’t think so.due is true that the bible say during this time their will be many things happening but i don’t know if this is one of those signs.
    In this world thinking about the kingdom of heaven will help us in our various lifes to know what to do in this life in other not to lose the opportunity and the chance we are given in this world.You know this life is like a school where you are given the scheme of work to read and you refused and went on reading another thing,now when the examiner saw it he/she will marked you below average and keep you where you belonged . What am saying in affect is that God has given you his commandment to follow and has show you what to do to inherit kingdom but you will leave it and go about doing another.But i tell you on the last day he will marked you down and place u were you belonged. Conclusively our people say that this world is a market that you come and buy please do well to buy good things so that the person who sent you will be happy with what you bought.lastly heaven is our home.
    Thanks and God bless as you work you way to heaven

  3. Awesome. Ironically – just listened to Damien Rice’s 9 crimes tonight – brilliant as well. Thank you for your gift and for sharing.

  4. I’m probably echoing someone up there but this really was pretty amazing. I tend to get a little lost in free verse, since I navigate by rhyme, but this was seriously so beautiful! I read it thrice over and it felt like there’s some aspect left which I haven’t discovered. It was an incredible read, and thank you so much for posting. =)

    Ps. I have no idea why my comments typing up in italics.. o_O

    1. Thank you so much for the thoughtful response!
      To be honest this poem just slipped from the fingers,
      as they seem to do once in awhile.
      Blessed be the muses 🙂

  5. Very insightful indeed! Great word-craftsmanship, IMHO. And poignant on various levels…
    If you are interested in sharing, as I see you are of course, you may want to have a look at http://thewritebox.wordpress.com/ That blog exists to share other writers’ work, and it is just getting started. I submitted one of my stories and they were very kind and welcoming to post it within a few days (my blog is made up of my own writing alone, though I’ve been of late considering sharing others’ as well).
    Keep up the good work!

      1. BTW, serious congrats on being FP’ed… you know how unusual it is to have a “words only” post featured, let alone lacking fancy accompanying pix 😉
        No bashing, but most FP’ed I see around here is commentary, diary, digest, rambling, ruminations on literature… hardly any lit work per se. (I myself excluded from the raffle owing to a multilingual blog devoid of diary entries or other than the work itself, hehe).

      1. So keep writing! I do, against all the odds, the shortness of free time, the alienation, seeming lack of interest and forgetfulness. It keeps me going 😉

  6. I enjoy how this poem starts; “as an experience.” 😉

    There’s also a humorous sneer about this, almost in denial, the narrator recalls something so emotive in a distanced voice, simply explaining the chaos of a failed relationship way.

  7. Quite nice. It is hard to find good contemporary poetry that actually makes you feel something and isn’t just a puzzled mess of condescending nonsense– bravo.

    My favorite bit:
    (But the chalk wounded the

    brick just with patient abuse).

    I don’t know why, it just is.

    1. Thanks for reading and the honesty!

      I didn’t think much of the piece when writing it except to explore the allegorical idea of people coming into your life and (through simile etc) contrasting them as letting out or inviting in all sorts of new persona’s of self. I also felt in a way it could be taken another way; as though the affair was with ones self and the incurring Experience was reminiscence of ones own stages of becoming different people as ageing comes.I also wanted to explore some of the myth ideas i’ve been learning about in a class so the idea of peoples affairs being fated, destined, or pre ordained as some vast construct was in there I thought, if only at the end.

      1. I see now, took me a few reads to fully understand the meaning behind the writing. Truly is beautiful though, well done!

  8. Being an addict of 19th and early 20th century narrative poetry and old(er), word-fastidious, generally critical and extremely hard to please, I’m a hopeless romantic that avoids reading modern prose. Your title trapped me. This poem is very, very good. I would have chosen closets over garages and left out any vulgarity since the romance of the lines flows like a heart bleeding out, but I’m a pain in my own neck like that. This poem is a gem.

  9. I love this 🙂
    You are brilliant and have a unique style! i’m new to this, so i’m just now discovering you, but can’t wait to read more! sending good vibes your way!

  10. The last stanza really injected the ‘world’ into me. I love being unfolded and divided into multanimous fractions. You took me outta my stupid named life and transported me into a place where secrets happen. MUAH! Thank you for taking the chance with bravery and becoming a voice not yet heard. Poets are my favorite invisible individuals:)

      1. I feel it’s my duty or oath(so to speak) to relay how a bundle of words made me feel! If a word pile-up can conjure up life from within me, it just proves that the secret places are real just hidden! And just maybe it will encourage other poets to feel their craft in someone else’s mouth:)

  11. Beautiful poem. As someone whose husband had an affair, this poem is heartbreaking but poignant. I have always known intuitively that my attempts to minimize what my husband had with his affair partner were wishful thinking. Fuck!!

  12. Awesome thoughts that touch the heart.Thank you for liking my post.( Happy are those…) Have blissful weekend.jalal

  13. A rare and crafted piece of writing, it has the potential to create individual perception, resonate with anyone, anywhere and redefine itself with time and age.

    1. You are truly Too Kind friend!
      I accept your blessings and look forward to finding universal words between us in the future !

      Be Well, Keep Writing !

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