Soul's Hand



I used to deny I was special.

It made me feel so covert.

Like I was

emptying myself to play a role.


To be honest, I think I might have been a great actor.

Like Brando.


People though,

they are beautiful on their own or

from a distance.


The garden of tapping

Headless chickens on bus or corner or hall, though.

They make me feel I am slowly

Becoming more and more unique.

But I feel so lethargic in it… as though


I am a marionette made up of body parts,

all from varying ages in my part.

And my adult head is hung up by a hook,

Like something out of Hellraiser,

And I am directed to and from locations.

Hung up on this and that. A set of

tracks like a subway guiding me in predictability.

A stock character.

But at…

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