S. Heffernan

Under Employable



I used to babysit my babysitters inner thigh

I used to work at being a paper boy to play at getting high,


I used to steal comics from the comic shop when I was under

Their emp-loy. I used to work.


(Now I work and write.) and write some

Fucking More.


Used to chop meat at


I used to work

at chapters

used to work Shell

on Hastings in hell

or back on d’rock


at Esso on Blackmarsh Road

But now I don’t!

Cause they closed that place down!

But I used to Work!

I used to get Around!


I used to Work!

At a factory!

As a bus boy!

and a cook!


Now I read and

type shit up for cash

which means im

always broke


but ever happy,

and always busy,

and that’s the laugh!


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