S. Heffernan

 Post-Facebook [Poem One]

Things I Would’ve Posted on FB Last Month:

“It’s good I don’t drive. I’m lazy as fuck,

require what I can get from what little walking winter affords.”


“The whistle and the work are both unnecessary some days.

(Apparently its frowned on in real prison, also.)”


“Bathroom graffiti was better in mad magazine as a periodical

parody than what passes in this library.”


“I’ve either lost my mind or finished it or finally figured it out.  

If and when I get outta here, be forewarned. I’m ready for something new and dangerous. “


“Ha! Says the guy pouring gasoline from old school can over 1970s dressed mannequins to DJ BL3ND”


Fashion Nazi Zombie Nation


The only suits I own are used,

(I would just wear out the new

in a few all nighters anyway. )


Hiding in the forest…

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