Death is Just A Commercial Between Two Dissapointing Sitcoms


I envision time travelling pizza delivery for

Reverse meals

For those so full that they need to fill the void

Thru a sort of filling at times

Rare as they were

Of hunger.

In another two I bury or am buried

By/do eulogy for

Argentinian comrade

he takes death seriously enough and

I took him seriously enough from the start

So it worked

In my reality I learn Spanish

I cradle his


Like a picture frame

Around death

Or a convenient white

History change

A typo

I was always a little more adventurous, too.

Never to brag. He would learn drunk Newfoundlander rantology of gingerhood.

A cross between Richard Pryor freebased,

Alex Jones evolved,

Chinaski Overload,

And bitchy old white George Carlin litany.


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